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Peter Kozak, Founder and CEO

Insentra is a classic “A” model partner. I like their approach. Traditional IT partners cannot be everywhere at once whilst being non-competitive like Insentra. The Insentra model of engagement is at the advantage of all parties involved.”

Miha Remec, CIO

We had an urgent requirement to migrate a subset of our users from Enterprise Vault to PST. The team at Insentra were super-efficient in delivering our migration within our tight timeframe and requirements. Along the way we were always kept in the loop on how our migration was tracking. I felt assured that what we agreed on would be achieved, and it was!

Shane Horton, Project Manager

Insentra successfully led and performed our email archive migration. Their migration services team truly owned the engagement, regularly demonstrating their experience, commitment and flexibility throughout the entire project. Helping us achieve our migration goals… stress free!


5 Steps to ACE your Archive Migration

Undertaking any type of migration can be a daunting and possibly costly venture for your business. Follow these five steps to help you on the way to a smooth journey. 1. Know where you’re coming from, and where you’re going It’s crucial to have an in-depth understanding of your legacy archive environment. How far does […]


Are PST Files Still Relevant?

Outlook Personal Storage Files (PST files) have been around since the mid 1990s. These files provide the ability to create local archives of server based email. They’re kind of like that bad 90s middle part bowl hair cut or the plaid short-sleeve shirts – great at the time but not something you want to keep […]