Government agency overcomes corrupt data with Insentra for more accurate eDiscoveries

For this government agency, data retrieval for eDiscovery is a frequent business activity. The ability to retrieve data quickly and efficiently is paramount for their operations. When they began experiencing issues with archiving, retrieval and corrupt indexes, it became apparent that something had to be done. What should have taken the IT team a few hours to process a simple discovery request, was taking several days!

With their existing archive platform approaching end of life and the need to resolve their corrupt data challenges immediately, Insentra was contacted to provide a strategy for solving these archiving woes. As part of a much bigger infrastructure upgrade project, Insentra became involved to build and implement a new Symantec Enterprise Vault Platform. Once built and tested, Insentra then migrated the existing EMC EmailXtender mailbox archives and journal to the new environment, successfully migrating over 99.9% of the existing EMC EmailXtender legacy data to the new EV platform.